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Our Philosophy

We live in really exciting times now, with the world quite literally at our fingertips. Between Netflix binges, travel blogs, and hunting down the most adorable cat-owl pairing on Instagram; our lives have never been busier.

With more information however, also come a huge number of contradicting opinions. Especially when it comes to how, when and what we should eat. Going through these during our latest spurt of guilt-driven motivation can leave us confused, discouraged and less likely to act.

However, it really doesn’t have to be that way.

We understand that each one of us faces unique challenges when trying to make a positive change in our life. Which is why we feel that our approach is the most effective one – simply because it revolves around you.

We accomplish this by recognising that our greatest asset, in the relentless pursuit of your goals, is consistency. So, we communicate. We learn about your body, what you want, and how you spend your days – and only then, do we use our research to determine what will work for you.

So welcome to Nutra Eat - where striving for your goals isn't just an ambition, it's a habit. 



Using a range of recipes which are quick and easy to follow, we create a unique new meal plan for you every week. This ensures we’re responsive to any changes in your body, or your lifestyle.


Whether you want to track your history, update your details, or download your shopping list. You can do all this and so much more directly through our website.


Want help with a recipe? Have a question about the website? Need some motivation at the start of the week? Whatever it is. You can get in touch and know we’ll be there for you every step of the way.